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The Atticome Impact
GREAT Attitude for great Outcomes

Do you have Atticome?

There’s attitude. And then there’s Atticome.
Not just any attitude but a GREAT attitude for a great outcome.

Why is that important? Your attitudes are your blueprint for your life. Your set of attitudes, known as your mindset, determines everything you feel, think and do, the way you interpret the world around you, the way you interact with other people, your pets, organisations, communities and so on. Your attitude determines the way you respond to situations and ultimately determines your results and outcomes. Can you see why it’s important to notice and pay attention to your attitude? Yet so often we don’t actively pay attention to our attitude and we blindly carry on in default mode ‘getting on’ with everything.

Attitude determines outcomes
When you want great outcomes you need GREAT attitude
You need Atticome!

How could atticome help with the burnout and stress so many people have experienced with lots of changes over the last two years of the pandemic? Maybe your organisation is needing to “do more with less”? Do you seem to get more and more tasks as well as online meetings as it’s now so easy to invite everyone from everywhere and it feels impossible to get everything done? Do you try to cram in too many things into too short a time and feel like you are juggling plates and perhaps dropping some? Or if not actually dropping some worrying that you might?

What could be the attitude that contributes to these outcomes? Perhaps you feel you have to do it all? You feel you have no choice? Someone has to do it and there is no-one else? And some completely different attitudes as well!

How can actively invoking atticome help?





Atticome: GREAT atti-tude for great out-comes.

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G – Grounded in reality / sound judgement





R – Responsible







E – Emotional state and Energy







A – Awareness: of self and others with Compassion & Empathy






T – Inspire Trust




Attitude determines outcomes
When you want great outcomes you need GREAT attitude
You need Atticome!



If you or a colleague have found yourself stressed, overwhelmed or burnt-out recently and would like to change that, why not get in touch?

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The Atticome Impact - GREAT attitudes for great outcomes
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